Monday, December 8, 2008

Fiction Fixer = Useful?

Fiction Fixer is a paid (quite a hefty price too!) online editorial program that will help edit your manuscript for you. It is designed for people who want to be bestsellers. For the curious, here is a sample evaluation. Note: Fiction Fixer works best via Firefox.

The site also offers some free resources, such as a recommended reading list of books. Subcategories within this list include:
Fundamentals (read these first)
Craft (Basic)
Craft (Advanced)
Editing and Revision

So, do any of you think that the Fiction Fixer editing service could be useful for those willing to pay the price? I'm thinking that one could pay a regular, human editor a lesser amount to do a better job.

I am interested to hear what you have to say.

Addendum to my last post:

I admit I got onto a bit of a rant. My main point was not that anyone can publish, but that a lot of material gets published for the purpose of making a profit instead of considering the point-of-view of the reader.


Chris said...

As the programmer of FictionFixer, I can tell you that what you have linked to is not a "Sample Evaluation," rather it is a 2-page promotional flyer about the program. The evaluations are at least 40 pages. Please correct this as soon as possible because you are grossly misrepresenting our product.

Chris said...

Sorry about that previous post. I see that the "Sample Evaluation" became linked to the wrong file at our end sometime after your bog post. I have corrected the problem at, so no action is necessary from you. Your link will now function correctly, although you may have to update your cache.

richardbramwell said...

Chris, I am curious. Did you mean to say "bog post" deliberately or do you need software to correct it as Blog Post.